Self-Paced Modules

Self-Paced Modules

AEA PD Online supports self-paced modules as professional development.  Modules differ from online courses in that they do not have a facilitating instructor, and therefore are not available for credit.  Furthermore, they are not typically designed for group interaction, though many do have alternative activities if you are part of a group completing the module.

They are, however, rich in resources and multi-media content.  They can be taken any time, any place, and any pace, and can be re-visited whenever you like.  Below is a link to our modules on this system, as well as a description of each.

Iowa Core Logo  Exploring the Iowa Core

In November of 2010, with adoption of the Common Core State Standards as the basis for the Iowa Core, the statewide English/language arts and math leadership teams began adapting, creating, and vetting professional development materials used to explore, understand and implement the Iowa Core standards.

Assessment for Learning Logo  Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning (formative assessment) is a process used by teachers and students during instruction that provides feedback to adjust ongoing teaching and learning to improve students' achievement of intended instructional outcomes.  These resources can help teachers deepen their understanding of this concept.

conceptual-based instruction  Conceptual-based Instruction

Educators strive to facilitate learning so that students possess deep knowledge and can apply their understanding flexibly across different situations and contexts. To accomplish this, educators can no longer teach isolated facts; instead they need to teach conceptually. Through these self-paced modules, they will explore what understanding is, why teachers should teach conceptually, the structure of knowledge, and how teachers can plan instruction that so that students develop deep, conceptual understanding.

SoftChalk Logo  Soft Chalk

Soft Chalk is SCORM-Compliant software used to build online lessons that can exist in a stand-alone setting or within Moodle.  Iowa's Area Education Agencies provide a statewide license for K-12 educators to access the software free of charge.

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